My name is Augustin and I am a designer of wristwatch dials. So far, I am the only one craftsman in Romania, as well as throughout Europe, that creates fully personalized watches. 

My watches are specially customized for each client. The most important aspect in the creation process is the idea and concept for each one. They are inspired by the client’s passions, life stories or the most meaningful values. It is extremely important for me as the creator, that the design and concept of the watch will follow the client’s character and personal experience.

For each person a watch may be something different. An accessory for one, a jewel for other. For my clients it is often a very personal subject with a great emotional value, that reflects their personality. In my vision, a watch should be not only a beautiful timepiece, which counts down the time, but above all, it should remind us about our life story and on what it is worth to spend the time that has been given to us.


My watches are born from an inspiration. Then comes the idea where it should start, the theme changes into a concept, and then into a concrete project and composition plan.

The dials are handmade in various artistic techniques such as micro-printing, manual engraving, etc., so there are no two identical watches made, as there are no two identical persons in the world. Each watch reflects the customer’s character and desires, it resonate with his soul and personality.

Most of my watches have automatic Swiss mechanisms. They are made with different artistic expressions, textures, special colors, precious materials, some of them are quite different and atypical. I use almost pure silver, gold, stone, some models have even implemented pieces of meteorite, diamonds, pearls, volcanic rock or real lunar dust. Most of my works is one and only, provided with a certificate of authenticity and the limited series guarantee of a single, unique piece. 

  • All my watch cases are made with sapphire glass and glass on backslide – the movement is visible through it.
  • In 100% of them I use automatic Swiss movement. 
  • The straps are made from exotic leather materials and turn up with one additional strap.
  • The watches come with wooden hand made boxes (made from walnut or oak).
  • Each model has a certificate of authenticity.