• Men's Watch

Extraordinary micro-painting, with gold, silver and diamonds elements. The watch tell the story from Voroneț, when angels rolling the time.

Dimensions: 43,5mm diameter

Case: stainless steel, sapphire glass, silver and gold, 5 diamonds

Movement: Swiss made, ETA 2892 calibre, black skeleton

Strap: stingray leather


  • Men's Watch
The watch inspired by the Apollo 11 spaceflight mission. During that mission, Neil Armstrong, as the first man in the world, put his steps on the moon and said: „It is a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The dial is made in silver and the graphics are created by micro-painting and engraving technique.

Dimensions: 44mm diameter 

Case: stainless steel, sapphire glass

Movement: Swiss automatic, ETA 6497 unitas, modified movement

Strap: lizard leather 


  • Men's Watch
This watch was made on the basis of a concept inspired by Far East and Samurai. On the dial is presented a Katana – a characteristic sword of Japanese warriors.  The unique dial is made with micro-engraving.

Dimensions: 44mm diameter

Case: stainless steel, sapphire glass

Movement: Swiss automatic, Sellita with moon phase

Strap: blue alligator, handmade by Vasile Uglai


  • Men's Watch
The direct reason for creating this piece of art was the tragic fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in April 2019. The grief and sorrow that overwhelmed most of Europe after this symbolic accident were an inspiration for the creation of this unusual watch. The stained glass dial of the watch with silver elements represents the rosette window of the Notre Dame Cathedral while casing of the watch rotates around its axis.

Dimensions: 46mm diameter 

Case: stainless steel, sapphire glass, yellow gold skeleton

Movement: Swiss manual, ETA 6498 unitas

Strap: blue lizard leather, handmade by Vasile Uglai


  • Men's Watch
This is the first watch in the world made with stained glass technique. On the dial is painted Saint Gabriel – symbol of resurrection, mercy, truth and joy. The figure of Angel is made with micro-painting technique in Byzantine art style.

Dimensions: 44mm diameter 

Case: stainless steel, yellow gold skeleton

Movement: Swiss automatic, ETA 6498 unitas, function that can turn in the self axis

Strap: brown lizard leather

20.000 LEAGUES

  • Men's Watch

Another creative inspiration of Jules Verne novel “20 000 Leagues Under the Sea”. If captain Nemo, the main character of the story, would wear a watch it would definitely look like this one. The watch’s dial was made in mixed techniques, microprinting, graphics and manual engraving and decorated with some underwater illustrations.

Dimensions: 46mm diameter

Case: sapphire glass, diameter with the function of rotating around its axis 

Movement: Swiss made, yellow gold skeleton, ETA 6489 unitas

Strap: dark blue alligator leather, handmade


  • Men's Watch

This watch is dedicated to fishing passionate, with engraving, micro painting and transparent technique.

Dimensions: 42mm diameter

Case: sapphire glass

Movement: Swiss automatic

Strap: lizard leather, handmade


  • Women's Watch

Dial: handmade painted, with black and white diamonds and real piece of Lunar meteorite

Dimensions: 44mm diameter 

Case: sapphire glass

Movement: Swiss automatic, ETA 2824-2 unitas (modified)

Strap: leather


  • Men's Watch

This watch is a tribute to the Polish pianist and composer – Fryderyk Chopin. He was one of the greatest and most outstanding composers of this country, and his music is recognized today all over the world. Until now, prestigious Chopin Competitions are held in Warsaw, in which take part the most prominent pianists from all over the world. Dial of the watch is handmade painted with the image of the composer and below that we can see piano keys made from  nacre and stone.

Dimensions: 47mm diameter

Case: sapphire glass

Movement: Swiss automatic, ETA 2824-2 calibre

Strap: ostrich leather


  • Men's Watch

The watch was commissioned by a passionate historian. The dedication for this passion was given to him by his father, university professor of history, and highlighted in special interest of the history of ancient Greece.

That was the reason he named the son of Alexander.

And here comes to Alexander, a mature son determined in all his actions and still passionate about long talks with his father about Alexander the Great and ancient history.

The dial is executed in techniques of silver micro-sculpture and painting.

Dimensions: 44mm diameter

Case: stainless steel, sapphire glass

Movement: Swiss automatic, ETA 2824-2 calibre, 28.000 vibration/h (4Hz), 45h of power reserve, 25 rubins

Strap: python leather +1 additional strap, handmade by Vasile Uglai


  • Men's Watch

The inspiration for creating this project were motifs related to Ancient Egypt. The watch’s dial shows an Anubis figure engraved in gold and silver, and in the background  Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Dimensions: 42mm diameter

Case: stainless steel, sapphire glass, pvd black and rose gold bezel, 3 atm

Movement: Swiss automatic, ETA 2824-2 calibre, 28.800 vibration/h (4Hz), 25 jewels

Strap: stingray leather +1 additional strap, handmade by Vasile Uglai


  • Men's Watch

The dial’s design refers to the character of Leonardo da Vinci, a genius of the fifteenth century and legends associated with him. In the graphics of the dial, we see the figure of a Vitruvian man painted on the basis of Leonardo’s drawing (a man with perfect proportions). In the project, beyond the date of birth of the genius, a coded message was hidden.

Dimensions: 44mm diameter

Case: sapphire glass

Movement: ETA 6497 unitas

Strap: ostrich leather