Can you tell me what is the value of time?

My name is Augustin and I’m changing the time into small pieces of art. My life is all about finding the way to capture people’s emotions, characters and desires into my watches and tell their stories through watchmaking. Because time is the most precious thing we’ve got.

Spending most of my time in the workshop I’m trying to catch the idea and concept that will connect client’s personality with dedicated watch and make that distinctive project. I would like my creations to remind client’s most precious moments and reflect their souls in a unique and personal way. That’s my aim I’m trying to do with all my heart and passion – to find the moment when time becomes art.


All my watches are unique and different just like my clients are. Each watch is inspired by personal story and it is the client’s personality that defines the design. I receive orders from clients all around the world – not only Europe, but also from the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong. My customers are people from various industries – artists, businessmen, historians, and even pilots of airplanes and air traffic controllers. Each of these persons comes with their own story and passion which I try to stop in time.

Some of my projects are ordered as a gifts. That was the case with the unique watch meant to be a present for the Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, designed as a tribute to his acting career. Another unforgettable design for me was the watch that has been presented to Pope Francis by Romanian Government. In this outstanding project I wanted to emphasize the symbolic character of the watch as well as its spiritual aspect…